LABKRON Surgical Operating Microscope

The LABKRON Brand surgical operating microscope provides unique benefits for all surgeries. Their optics are very good in quality to deliver best and clear magnifying view with Naked eyes.

Microscope comes with 3 step or 5 step magnification changer optical system. Its also comes with powerful LED or Halogen illumination but it does not affect or harm the patient body while surgery.

The combination of Objectives and eyepieces extended depth of field to see everything you desire to see while you are performing surgery

Optics and Magnification

LABKRON operating microscope provides you clear magnification with help of 12.5 x eyepiece pair.

Microscope comes with 3 step or 5 step changer magnification head.

  • In 3 step: 0.4x, 1x and 1.6x
  • In 5 step: 0.4x, 0.6x, 1x, 1.6x and 2.5x

Surgical Operating microscope comes with 3 types of Binocular observation head.

  • Straight 90 degree Head
  • 45 degree Inclined head
  • Ergonomic tiltable 0 to 180 degree head.
  • Straight 90 degree Binocular Stereo head surgical operating microscope best for ENT & GYNECOLOGIST surgeon doctors.
  • 45 degree inclined Binocular Stereo head surgical operating microscope best for EYE-OPHTHLAMIC/DENTAL-ENDODONTICS/SPINE/HAIR TRANSPLANT/NEUROLOGY/VETERINARY& Other GENERAL SURGERIES Surgeon Doctors.
  • Ergonomic TiltableBinocular Stereo Head Surgical operating microscope best for all surgeon doctors to operate any kind of surgeries. Through this type of head you can do long surgeries without any neck fatigue because you can tilt the head as per your convenient angle.

Operating microscope’s frame is the combination of Metal parts/Optical Glass parts/Prizms and some electric wires.
Prizms allows to split and send the image in Binocular Head Eye tubes. And with the help of eyepieces you are able to do the Micro surgeries on patient.

Through Beam splitter prizms attachment you can connect your camera and take the still photography as well as live video for surgery for teaching purpose.

In market Various brand surgical operating microscope comes. It depends on your pocket well as on your desired configuration microscope which you are going to plan to purchase.

Indian brand LABKRON Surgical operating Microscope are very pocket friendly and gives you appropriate results at very rock bottom price while you are going to plan your 1st low budget new surgical operating microscope.

Uses in Field:
Doctor or Surgeon can operate the various surgeries with the help of Labkron surgical operating microscope such as:

  • EYE-OPTHALMIC SURGERY (Cataract or Corneal transplantation)

and other General Surgeries can be operated with the help of Labkron Surgical Operating Microscope.