ABOUT TRIAL FRAME SET Spectacle frame with variable adjustments for interpupillary distance, side length, etc. in which each lens rim is fitted with a number of cells into which trial lenses can be placed when testing vision.
A FRAME set can include up to 266 lenses: Spherical lenses, with a wide range of powers, both positive and negative, generally 0.12 D, 0.25 D, and then in steps of 0.25 D up to a certain point, then in steps of 0.50 D, and then finally in steps of 1.00 D. At least two of each power are included.
SPECIFICATION The Adjustable Trial Frame is a Light Weight Trial Frame with Aluminium& stainless steel sides.
The cells are spaced to accommodate reduced aperture lenses only Accommodate up to 8 pieces 38mm trial lenses and it permits smooth & easy manipulation of Bridge &P.D.Fully adjustable temple length and nose rest. Easily changeable cylinder axis Wide range of PD adjustments from 48mm – 80mm