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SYNOPTOPHORE is an instrument which compensates for the angle of squint and allows the stimuli to be presented to both eyes simultaneously. It is an ophthalmic instrument which is used for diagnosing the imbalance of the eye muscle and treating them by orthoptic methods.

SYNOPTOPHORE is used to investigate the potential for binocular function in the presence of a manifest squint. Specifically used in children (from 3 years of age). Also used to detect suppression and Abnormal retinal correspondance.

Labkron Instruments offer Synoptophore Model SYNO-18 with a pair of Haidinger Brushes & set of slides having 20 pairs of slides at most affordable price, as per the specifications given below:



Movement of Optical Tubes

(a) Horizontal

  • Adduction +50 degree
  • Abduction – 40 degree

(b) Vertical

  • Hyper 30 degree
  • Hypo 30 degree

(c) Torsional

  • Incyclo 20 degree
  • Excyclo 20 degree

Slide Illumination: Rheostat controlled LED Illumination for each slide. After Image Illumination by LED (for better Illumination).

Auto Flashing: Auto Flashing of Slide Illumination either SIMULTANEOUS or ALTERNATE in RAPID & VARIABLE mode.

Mode & Mode Selection: Five Modes of Slide Illumination namely NORMAL, FLASHING RIGHT, FLASHING LEFT, FLASHING R + L & AUTOFLASHING, can be selected by a single selector knob.

Standard Accessories: A set of slides containing 20 Pairs of slides, Power Cord, Dust Cover.