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Whether you are Manufacturer or Merchant Exporter?

We are Manufacturer of wide range of products such as scientific Medical Surgical Instruments, microscopes & laboratory glassware & Allied Equipments. We manufacture above in our own workshops. Also We have some Attached quality oriented ancillary units are attached. We have experienced, Skilled, specialized technicians With us.

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Can you supply us Free Sample?

Samples shall be sent against cost of samples & shipping Charges. But the cost of samples is deducted from the amount of final order placed by the new client in this case samples are almost free but freight will not be adjusted.

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What options we have for paying freight charges?

Proforma invoice are made as per instructions of client i.e. C&F,CIF, F.O.B. shipments can be shipped on TO PAY freight Mode (Freight payable at destination by the consignee). At the Destinations where the facility for to pay mode is available. Otherwise we request the client to remit the actual freight as per the freight charges

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Which Mode of shipment is employed?

Shipments are affected as per client's instructions keeping in Delivery time/Urgency, Destination, Weight, Volume & Economy. Medium size & high price to weight ratio goods are sent by Air freight. Large Shipments & low price to volume ration goods Are shipped by sea.

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What about Packaging for Consignment?

Each item is packed in polythene bag or Bubble sheet and put in Sturdy strong corrugated cartons & then finally placed in AIR/SEA Worthy Outers/Cases/Cartons. Waterproof polythene lining is put For protection from dampness. After this the outer is stripped from All sides using corner reinforcing bands to prevent damages. Sufficient cushioning with Styrofoam flakes/balls/sheets

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