Economical student compound monocular microscope

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Economical student compound monocular microscope

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Microscope model LSM-10
Body LABKRON Learning Student Monocular Microscope body Designed with Horse Shoe type Base stand for perfect stability and 90° inclinable.
Focusing controls Focusing by Coarse Motion Knobs, which moves up-on rack and pinion arrangement.
Specimen stage Fixed square stage size 75 X 85mm with two stage clips and Sub-stage Iris Diaphragm or Disc Diaphragm.
Light arrangement Illumination by Plano Concave reflector mirror diameter 25mm mounted on fork.
Nose piece It comes with Triple revolving nose piece with accurate centering &positive click stops.
Objectives Achromatic 10x and 40x
Eye Piece Huygenian 10x and 15 x
Packaging Packed in styrofoam thermocole case packing with dust cover and cleaning cloth along with instruction mannual.


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